The True Value of Todos Santos Real Estate

Most folks walking into my office in Todos Santos these days, whether they are from Canada, the United States, Europe, or the Mexican mainland, ask me the same thing, “How is the market doing down here?” My answer is always the same, “Great ! This is a good time to explore your options”.

Does that mean that properties are selling for full list price? Occasionally. But 3-20% of asking price, depending on the property and the motivation of the buyers and sellers involved in the negotiation, is more common, much like anywhere else. And of course everyone likes to know what the price is “per square meter” and “how motivated are they?” Granted, these are obvious key value factors to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement.

But let’s not overlook another value factor that may not be as obvious, but for me, also looking for a property for myself, just as important ….  the “Psychic Value” factor.

I “feel” good living here. It’s a good fit for me. And I am here full-time.

I like getting up on a Monday morning, hopping on my old Huffy mountain bike and taking a casual 5 minute ride down to the sea, where currently there are whales popping out of the water not more than a few hundred yards from the shore …. and be the only one on the beach.

I like living in a town where people all say hello to each other on the sidewalk, with eye contact and a pleasant smile.

I like leaving the office around 5 PM and heading down to the beach to help release baby sea turtles into the Pacific as the sunset produces yet another set of indescribable colors.

I like living just south of the Tropic of Cancer, where, for me, it is a real struggle to be cold enough to wear a sweat shirt or long pants.

I like living where I can have a nice, tasty Mexican food dinner for about $7.50 US

I like that you can grow tomatoes all year long.

Sorry … I’ll stop myself now.

The point is, if you have any thoughts of owning property down here in southern Baja, embrace those thoughts, write down the type of lifestyle you desire here, what things will create that “good feeling inside”, that’s right, the “psychic value”, and make it an important part of your decision of what to look at and what to offer when you find that “perfect fit”. If that property really feels right, grab it. There may not be another “perfect fit” down the road later.



Going back in time 50 years ……. a new “happy place”

2013-11-24 12.09.28

I grew up in Northern California in the U.S. back in the 60′s and have fond memories of long lonely stretches of paved and dirt roads, deserted beaches, sleeping out under millions of stars with the sound of waves crashing on the shore, and not seeing anybody for miles and miles.  Now in Baja California Sur, Mexico, I have rediscovered those memories at a development in Rancho La Aguja called Playas Pacificas, just 3 hours north of the southern tip of Baja, or 1 hour northeast from the La Paz airport, along the sparkling blue Pacific.

This secluded 900 acre beachfront residential community is in its very early stages and is designed for those seeking a truly intimate experience with the sea and a pleasant degree of isolation while not being completely removed from the amenities provided within hours of a larger urban area.

Playas Pacificas is gated and comes with a number of special features and attributes, including an amazing large-scale organic garden, facilities for raising organic livestock for meat and dairy products, endless miles of hiking routes and undisturbed beachfront, a highly sophisticated water storage system from a private well, unparalleled deep-sea fishing on the Lusitania Banks, one of the richest untapped fisheries on the Pacific coast, full service electricity (part solar and part grid), a comfortable climate, year round swimming, surfing, surf fishing, kayaking, hiking, whale watching, birding and boating.

Lots vary in size from just over half an acre to over 4 acres, with prices ranging from $70,000 USD to $826,000 USD for one of the larger 3.25 acre super lots with 262 feet of beachfront. I have included just a few photos to give you an idea of the “feel of the place”. Please contact me if you or anyone you know think this may be a good fit for you.

2013-11-24 10.40.50The start of a large winter garden in Playas Pacificas

2013-11-24 10.34.50Chicken coop at Playas Pacificas

2013-11-24 10.34.19Caretaker / Groundskeepers residence

2013-11-24 11.57.49Looking out to the pacific from the back of a beachfront in Playas Pacificas

2013-11-24 12.04.14The shoreline at Playas Pacificas









La Pastora to South Pescadero Corridor Area #9: South Pescadero


South Pescadero is the southernmost area of the Todos Santos MLS region and is a comfortable 30 minute drive down to Cabo San Lucas. This is the most undeveloped area at this time and is focused along the ocean side of the highway. There are two gated communities of Tortuga del Sol and Ranch Nuevo along with some private assorted parcels available closer to Elias Calles, a small town along the highway towards the southern end of this region. Currently, there are four homes available for sale in this area between $129,000 usd, for a 2-story 2BR1.5BA fixer-upper in Rancho Nuevo, to $425,000 usd, for a 2BR3BA 2-story home with a private tennis court and beautiful views of the Pacific in Elias Calles. There are additionally 16 lots for sale, ranging in price from $26,250 usd, for a 1/4 acre lot in gated Rancho Nuevo, to $7,900,000 usd, for an estate subdivision size parcel on the coast in Elias Calles that is just under 83 acres with approximately 1/4 mile of secluded beach.




La Pastora to South Pescadero Corridor Area #7: Pescadero

1-2013-09-08 12.03.01

Pescadero is largely an agricultural area approximately 7 miles south of Todos Santos  that has slowly become a popular residential option for many primary and second residence homeowners. Most of the development has been from the highway west to the beach.  Decent size parcels of farmland are slowly being transformed into mini estates, complete with groves of tropical palms, mangos, and many other fruiting trees.  There is also a growing commercial environment with small little restaurants popping up in and around town. Public access to the beach is readily available through a series of relatively smooth dirt roads. The Pescadero beach front includes San Pedrito Beach, a popular surfing location with overnight camping. Many have migrated south from Todos Santos to build as there is less development and it is quieter and  less populated. There is also a newer gated community right on the beach that contains some fairly large contemporary homes in a gorgeous beachfront setting.  There are currently 71 available parcels of land in the MLS in this area, ranging in price from $4M usd for a 392 acre secluded ranch in the hills east of town to a 1/8 acre parcel in the town of Pescadero for only $15K usd.


2013-06-28 09.43.47

2013-06-28 11.11.38

2013-06-28 11.25.27

1-2013-10-09 17.09.18


La Pastora to South Pescadero Corridor Area #6: Todos Santos

1-2013-10-07 08.29.02

Todos Santos is divided into little neighborhoods or “colonias”. The historic downtown “centro colonia” is an area of approximately 30 or 40 square blocks that is chock full of excellent street food, small shops or “tiendas” selling everything a person might need to survive in paradise, unique hotels and restaurants, and many historic and elegant old buildings that reflect a long and interesting history.  Around the central core district are a number of other colonias comprised of primarily small homes with a scattering of small grocery stores.  It’s very easy to make your way around town on foot. It is a perfect area for those who do not like to drive and are always looking for something interesting to see. Currently in the MLS, there are 10 lots available ranging in price from $20K usd to $147 usd and 7 homes priced from $129K usd to $297K usd.

1-2013-10-07 09.03.17

1-2013-10-07 08.34.08

1-2013-10-07 08.31.35

1-2013-10-07 09.20.41

1-2013-10-07 09.10.54

1-2013-10-07 08.36.15

1-2013-10-07 08.41.49

2013-06-30 09.15.49

1-2013-10-07 09.17.15

1-2013-10-07 09.00.40

La Pastora to South Pescadero Corridor Area #5: La Cachora

2013-06-21 19.03.40

La Cachora is a magical little strip of land that lies within easy walking distance to the north of downtown Todos Santos. It was a primary agricultural area years ago as water was easily pulled from the natural springs of the huerta directly to the south of it. There is still much farming that goes on there and in the late spring and most of the summer, you can find an abundance of mangoes along the road and have a friendly conversation with cows, horses and goats that you might meet along the way. It has a real pastoral feel and is characterized by a tranquil shaded dirt road that leads down to the ocean and a beautiful beach, where you will find one of the two turtle egg rescue and release stations here in town. As it is a small area, there are not as many properties available in here but there are still some possibilities. Currently, in the Todos Santos MLS database, there are 7 lots available for sale ranging in size and price from $1,654,777 usd for a fenced in 5 acres paradise to a small off-the-grid 1/4 acre lot for 12K. There are currently four houses available for sale from a lovely estate like home with a 25 meter lap pool in San Sebastian for $1.55M usd to an elegant hacienda style custom crafted home located in a private enclave on Camino del Pacifico for $680K usd.

2013-06-21 18.56.18

1-2012-10-02 13.16.31

1-2012-10-02 13.43.47


1-2011-10-20 17.12.39

1-2012-10-02 14.12.05

La Pastora to South Pescadero Corridor Area #4: Las Brisas

2013-09-20 15.58.45

The Las Brisas area is very convenient for walking to local markets, restaurants, and actually walking into Downtown Todos Santos.  It is a little further away from the ocean though. There are currently 7 lots available for sale in the MLS from $17,000 usd to $147,000 usd and 8 homes, ranging in price from $99,000 usd to $322,000 usd.

2013-09-20 15.59.38

2013-09-20 15.58.36

2013-09-20 15.56.34

2013-09-20 15.59.08


La Pastora to South Pescadero Corridor Area #3: Las Tunas

2013-09-20 15.26.34

Lying slightly to the north but within minutes of downtown Todos Santos is the Las Tunas community. Las Tunas is within walking distance, with sidewalks on the main street, of at least a dozen or so small markets for food and supplies, A building supply and materials outlet, an auto parts outlet, an auto repair shop, and other amenities. There are more people living in the Las Tunas area than in the outlying areas of El Posito and La Pastora. The terrain is much more rolling and there is a lot more vegetation, a lot of which has been planted by the property owners who have moved into the area in the last 10 years, making it more riparian. There is also excellent access to the ocean and a turtle hatching sanctuary on the beach. The MLS currently shows 29 lots available for sale ranging in size between approximately 2.5 acres on the ocean front corridor for $1M usd to $12000 usd for a quarter acre lot much further away from the ocean in some fairly hilly terrain. Addtionally, there are 16 homes for sale in this area ranging in price from $1.55M usd to $129000 usd.

2013-09-17 11.49.11

2013-09-20 15.49.08

2013-09-20 15.41.13

2013-09-17 11.45.12

2013-07-05 14.22.26

2013-09-20 15.26.23

2013-09-20 15.33.43

2013-09-15 15.56.51


La Pastora to South Pescadero Corridor Area #2: El Posito

1-2013-09-09 08.16.21

El Posito is a little closer in to Todos Santos and is characterized by numerous open areas  with a wide variety of cactus and coastal shrubs. There is less agricultural activity and smaller lots with both ocean and mountain views. There are no amenities here but you are much closer to some smaller markets for food and general household supplies. There are currently 8 homes showing as available for sale in the MLS, ranging in price from 149,000 usd to 475,000 usd, and 36 Lot listings priced from 12,500 usd to 799,000 usd.

2013-09-15 15.58.06

1-2013-09-09 08.17.48